Vuga Ku Sure is a motoring-inclined campaign theme that directly alludes to driving with certainty. 

The campaign drives the message that having valid Motor Third Party Insurance enables a Motorist to drive/ride with certainty, rest-assured that their policy covers accident-related loss/damage to a passenger or pedestrian.

What is Motor Third Party Insurance and who is supposed to have it?

Motor Third Party Insurance is an insurance policy taken out by the owner of the Vehicle/Motor Cycle/Tricycle to protect them against claims for death or bodily injuries sustained by a pedestrian or passenger as a result of a Motor Accident.

In Uganda, it is mandatory for every vehicle, motorcycle or tricycle for private or commercial use, to have Motor Third Party insurance cover. The law only exempts Government owned vehicles.

How does Motor Third Party Insurance benefit the policyholder?

In case of an accident, Motor Third Party compensates the passengers & pedestrians who suffer bodily injury or death. In this way, it offsets this burden of financial responsibility from the motorist who is the policyholder.